3 Reasons Why Miniature Teacup Pig Owners Get Rid of Their Pet Pigs (and How to Avoid the Same Mistakes)

Most people purchase pets, including miniature potbelly pigs, with the best of intentions. They envision a long, happy, healthy life; but all too often, this doesn’t happen. In fact, many new pig owners who haven’t thought the decision through or have failed to do their research are major contributors to the influx of adult potbelly pigs without homes.

If you’re interested in purchasing a miniature pig, it’s important you understand why increasing numbers of owners get rid of theirs. Doing so is a great way to ensure you’re truly ready for a miniature pig as a pet

Reason 1: They aren’t prepared for the responsibility of pet ownership.

Because owning a teacup pig as a pet has been popularised by celebrities, many average individuals buy into the glamour of owning a pig as a pet and fail to realise the responsibility of doing so. Unfortunately, this means that they will simply abandon the pig or give it to an organisation that cares for misplaced pigs from owners who no longer want them.

If you aren’t prepared to care for your pig for 10 to 20 years, it’s important you reconsider your choice.

Reason 2: They don’t understand their pet and are unwilling to learn.

As we’ve mentioned several times, most owners run into problems with their micro pigs because they didn’t take the time to learn more about them before making a purchase. This can lead many to feel overwhelmed when the pig begins displaying pig-like behaviour and the owner isn’t sure how to handle it.

Many times, owners will give pigs up for adoption when they aren’t sure how to correct behavioural issues or are just too overwhelmed trying to learn how to care for a new species in the home. Make sure you study up on pigs and what to expect before ever considering a purchase.

Reason 3: They’ve run into a personal problem where they can’t keep the pet.

In many cases, this situation arises due to a divorce, moving, or a general lack of interest in having a pig for a pet after the initial excitement has worn off. Some owners even grow ill and feel selfish for keeping their pet when they can’t provide the level of care the pig demands to thrive.

As you can imagine, this circumstance is no fault of the owner and is instead an unfortunate occurrence of life. However, you should consider whether you will potentially move and experience issues with the pig as a pet or can foresee another major life change that will make it difficult to keep your micro pig.

Before Purchasing a Pig, It’s Important to Consider Your Decision

Getting any new pet can be exciting, especially if it’s a pig. However, it’s important that you consider the “what if” scenarios, like those discussed above, to ensure you’re prepared to keep your new pig for decades to come.

After all, every miniature pig deserves a loving home. Will yours soon be one?