How to Better Understand and Train Your Miniature Pig

Miniature pigs are undeniably great pets. After all, few people can claim that they have a pig for a pet, let alone one that's as friendly and lovable as the countless micro pigs for sale out there today.

However, it's vital that you take the time to understand and train your pig to avoid potential problems while setting you, or possibly your entire family, up for a successful pet for years to come.

Remember, Pigs are Incredibly Intelligent

While some believe that pigs aren't intelligent, they are incorrect. In fact, pigs are extremely intelligent and complex in terms of their ability to learn and communicate.

Pigs make up to 20 different sounds that will let you know what they want or how they're feeling. And, because your miniature pot-bellied pig will live for anywhere between 15 and 20 years, you can expect to get to know your pet better than you ever thought possible.

The Best Way to Welcome Your New Pet to Their New Home

Because pigs are so intelligent and perceptive, bringing them home properly is essential to get your relationship off on the right foot. There's typically an adjustment period during which a pig is familiarizing them self with their new surroundings, and you must be patient.

The best way to help them acclimate to their new environment is to spend time on the floor with them, feed them from your hand, and allow your piglet to come to you as they wish, never forcing yourself on them or pulling them towards you.

Consistent Training Will Assert Dominance and Set You Up for Success

Pigs, whether micro pigs or traditional pigs are herd animals. As such, they need to know where they stand in relation to those around them. This means that you must assert your dominance and train them carefully and consistently to ensure that they become a treasured member of your family.

During their training, it's important to remain consistent and ask all individuals in your home to treat the piglet in the same manner. This means that your piglet should have to work for treats, enjoys spending time in their crate, and will follow other designated rules happily and without resistance.

If your miniature pig is defiant, the best way to correct this is to push the pig backwards to assert your own dominance. Or, if your pig nips or bites, it's always best to tap them on the snout and firmly say "no" or simply hold their snout closed and do the same.

Proper Training Makes the Different in Pot Belly Pig and Family Happiness

Getting brought home is a stressful experience for any piglet.

But by taking the time to understand and train your piglet, you can help them positively acclimate to their new climate while also enjoying your time with the new addition to your family.