Feeding Your Teacup Pig: How to Ensure Your New Pet Gets the Nutrients It Needs

Just like traditional pets, nutrition matters for teacup pigs. After all, proper nutrition is important to ensure a long lifespan for any animals.

But all too often, new miniature pig owners aren't quite sure what the right nutrition and diet actually is for their new pet. Or, even worse, owners assume that they can feed their pig dog food (spoiler alert, you can't)!

So, what are you supposed to feed them to ensure that they live the long, 15 to 20-year life that they should? In this article, we'll go over the details that you need to know to ensure that your new companion has everything they need to thrive.

Miniature Pig Food is a Great Option

The easiest thing to feed your pig is special, mini pig food. Intended specifically for your pets, this food will provide the nutrients that your pet needs and keep them healthy.

The most popular and best option in terms of pig food is Mazuri Mini Pig Feed, which is available in Youth, Active Adult, and Elder Formulas to keep up with your pet throughout their entire lifespan.

Of course, the food itself isn't the only thing that you need to concern yourself with. After all, once you've purchased the perfect of many teacup pigs for sale in your area, keeping them healthy by feeding proper portions is essential.

As you might suspect, feed levels will vary depending upon how active your pig is. However, a great way to determine if your pig is the proper weight is to see if you can locate your pet's ribs, shoulders, backbone, and hips.

If you can feel for these structures without seeing them on the surface level, your pig is a perfect weight. If you can't feel them at all, your pig is overweight and if you can see them without feeling for them, your pig is underweight.

Supplement Your Pet's Diet With Roughage and Treats

While micro pig-specific food is great, it's also important that your pet receives some roughage in their diet. This is as simple as providing them with vegetables and lettuce and then letting them eat grass from your lawn as well.

No pig can go without treats either! Some simple, nutritious treats include Cheerios, fruit, small horse treats, and vegetables.

And, by providing your pig with access to water during feeding and at all other times, you can keep your companion looking and feeling great!

Proper Food, Roughage, and Treats Will Keep Your Teacup Pig Healthy and Happy

A nutritious diet is the foundation of a healthy, long lifestyle for your new pet micro pig.

By following the guidelines above, you can ensure that your pig is happy and well provided for throughout the course of their life.