Bathing and Grooming Your Miniature Pig

When most people think of pigs, they think that they’re dirty animals. And to be sure, they can be if they’re left outdoors to roll in mud to their heart’s content. However, on most average days, your pet pig will be no different than a dog: Generally clean with only occasional bathing and grooming required.

Of course, you’ll still need to maintain your pig’s hygiene regularly to keep them happy and healthy. This includes bathing and other grooming-related tasks that should be performed on a consistent basis. Below, we’ll give you all the information you should know to ensure your pig isn’t just happy, but clean as well.

How to Bathe Your Pig

Whether you want to bathe your pig weekly or just once a month, there are certain steps you should take to make the experience enjoyable for both yourself and your pet.

Here are some of the ways you can choose to bathe your pig:

  • Outdoor Pool – In the spring and summer while it’s warm, you can use a “kiddie pool” in your backyard to bathe your pig. Let the water sit in the sun so it’s warm and perhaps add some edible treats, like cereal, to the water to keep your pig entertained as you work!
    Shower – Walk-in showers are great for larger pigs. You can also put food in the shower to distract your pig while you bathe him or her as doing so will make it easier and quicker for you to clean them.
  • Sink or Bathtub – If you have a smaller pig, you may use the sink or bathtub for baths. It’s important that you place something in the bottom of the sink or tub so your pig doesn’t slip.

Keep in mind that you should dry your pig quickly after bathing and use tepid water to ensure their comfort during bath time. You should avoid bathing your pig too frequently because doing so can cause skin problems.

How to Groom Your Pig

Eyes, ears, and tusks are three other important areas that must be cleaned and groomed regularly.

Over time, pigs collect a brownish discharge in the hair and their eyelashes, which must be cleaned regularly. You can easily do so with a warm, damp cloth. You can also clean ear wax that accumulates on your pet’s ears with a cloth but if you would like to use cotton swabs, exercise caution.

In neutered male pigs, tusk care is important. Sometimes, they grow too long and must be cut back. Of course, you won’t do this yourself. Instead, you should take your pet to the vet, often around when the pig is two years old.

Bathing and Grooming Your Pig is Simple

By offering edible rewards in the bathtub or during regular grooming, you can do your part to ensure your miniature pig is comfortable during the entire process. Moreover, you can guarantee they enjoy the cleanliness that further supports good health for years to come.