Indoor and Outdoor Toxins That Can Harm Micro Pigs: What You Should Know

As a miniature pig owner, you’ll do everything possible to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy. However, you may make mistakes that compromise the health of your new pet, especially if you don’t familiarise yourself with what is poisonous or toxic to micro pigs before bringing them home.

Just like dogs, cats, and other conventional pets, there are many household substances, plants, and other items that are harmful to pigs. By understanding these substances, you can prepare your home for your new pet to ensure there aren’t any problems that arise after you bring your pet home.

Inside the Home: Cleaning Supplies, Prescriptions, and Food

Your teacup pig will likely spend a lot of his or her life indoors. As such, it’s important that beyond just installing safety locks on cabinets and “piggy proofing” the home, you take steps to ensure your pig has no access to any potentially dangerous substances.

Here are just some of the precautions you should take inside the home:

  • Cleaning Supplies – Dish detergents, bug sprays, and other cleaning agents share several properties that can be dangerous to pigs. Often, they cause upset stomach whereas more severe substances may burn your pig’s snout, mouth, tongue, and even stomach.
  • Prescriptions – Prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs should always be kept out of reach of your pig. This includes painkillers, cold medicines, antidepressants, and even something as simple as vitamins. Any of these substances may be fatal to your pig, even in small doses.
  • Food – You should avoid giving your miniature pig most human food but should be wary of chocolate especially. Coffee grounds and spoiled food, especially when put in a garbage can that your pig can access, are also dangerous and can cause nervous system damage or stomach complications.
  • Miscellaneous – There are countless other items around your home that can be dangerous too. These items include Batteries, pennies, fabric softener, alcohol, automotive products, rodent traps, and more.

Outside the Home: Plants and Yard Care Supplies

Although your miniature potbelly pig will spend the majority of their time inside, they will spend a good amount of time outside as well. This makes it important to take just as much care outside as you do inside to protect your new pet.

Here are the two major precautions you should be aware of:

  • Plants – Azalea, oleander, sago palm, mistletoe, and yew plant are fatal to pigs. Avoid these plants in the yard to ensure there are no accidents with your pet.
  • Yard Care Supplies – Fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides can be dangerous to your micro pig if they go near the area any of these were sprayed before it is dry. Be careful to keep your pig away until well after you’ve sprayed to prevent potential problems.

Keeping Your Pig Safe From Toxins Isn’t Difficult...

In fact, it only requires that you understand what is toxic and take every precaution to ensure your pig doesn’t come into contact with any potentially harmful substances.

By using the information above, you’ll have most everything you need to tidy up your home before your new pet pig arrives!