Micro Pig Discipline 101

Training a new pet, no matter what type of pet it is can be a serious challenge. Not only do you have to balance positive reinforcement with negative consequences, but you also need to do so consistently and with a clear strategy for success.

The same goes for micro pigs.

After all, miniature pigs are incredibly intelligent animals and as such, it’s important that you train them early on to prevent negative behaviour from arising in the first place. But one question remains: How are you supposed to train your mini pig? In this article, we’ll cover that and more!

The Punishment Must Match the Crime

There are varying degrees of punishment that should accompany any act you consider unacceptable. For example, if you leave a sandwich on the coffee table and your pig snatches it up, you will want to discipline them with a stern “No!” or “Bad pig!” so they understand that behaviour is unwelcome.

Compare this to an instance in which your new pig nips at either you or another member of your family. This should be considered a much more pressing problem and as such, you should push your pig backwards by the neck or shoulder while loudly shouting “No!” or “Bad pig!” Physical contact such as this is effective at ending bad behaviour and doing so quickly.

Time Outs for Pet Micro Pigs

Once you’ve finished actively disciplining your pet, you should put them in “time out.” By placing your pig in the designated area you’ve set up for them and then keeping them isolated from the rest of the family for at least 15 minutes (or longer if you choose), you can revisit your pig and the situation.

It’s best to avoid physical contact and to see how your pig is acting before releasing them back into the house. Most often, pigs are receptive to negative discipline and will understand what they did was wrong. However, you may need to repeat this process additional times to ensure the behaviour doesn’t resurface again.

While you’re going through this kind of training, it’s best to avoid giving too many treats or praise. Consistency is key and will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Key Lessons in Micro Pig Discipline: Consistency, Directness, Follow-Through

If you want the misbehaviour to end once and for all, it’s important that you remain consistent, direct, and follow through in all disciplinary actions. Doing so will ensure your pig understands what they’re doing wrong and how they can modify the behaviour to meet your expectations.

Keep in mind that some pets are easier to train than others. As such, it’s important that you stay patient throughout the process and over time, you’ll realise that all your hard work pays off!