Spoiled Pig Syndrome in Teacup Pigs: What is It and How to Treat It

When you spoil children, they often misbehave because there are no repercussions for bad behaviour and they get what they want all the time. Pet pigs are no different and in fact, there’s a name for this condition: Spoiled pig syndrome.

Spoiled pig syndrome may sound like a joke when you first hear about it. However, if your pig begins displaying this kind of behaviour, you won’t think it’s a laughing matter. Rather, you’ll be looking for solutions to ensure your home is peaceful and safe and that you and your pig have a great relationship for years to come.

So, What is Spoiled Pig Syndrome (SPS)?

SPS is a common condition miniature pig owners cause when they essentially spoil their pet. This can lead to common behavioural issues such as stubbornness and grouchiness and pets will typically also get nippy and won’t listen to commands or discipline.

Too often, owners won’t do anything about this negative behaviour and will simply allow it to continue. However, it’s important you take a stand early to ensure these issues don’t continue as nipping and other behavioural problems can be dangerous to both you and your family.

Causes of Spoiled Pig Syndrome

There are several causes of SPS beyond just your treatment of your miniature pig. Here are some of the most common causes of the condition:

  • Feeding – What you feed your pet, how you feed your pig (i.e. hand feeding), when you feed them, and who feeds the pig may all affect whether your pig develops SPS.
  • Physical Space – Teacup pigs need their own designated space in your home. This includes both indoor and outdoor space. Without it, they’re at greater risk for developing this condition.
  • Health – Has the pig been weaned from both its mother and siblings? Are they currently suffering from a urinary tract infection or other common condition? If so, symptoms of SPS may arise.
  • Socialisation – Has there been a lack of discipline in the home? Do certain members of the family not get along with the pig?

If so, SPS may result.

Treating Spoiled Pig Syndrome is Simple

Training is the only way to treat SPS. For example, if a pig is nipping, every member of the household must discipline the pig using the same phrase to ensure the pig can learn that their behaviour is wrong. Short, direct phrases work best.

You should also use positive reinforcements, like treats, when your pig displays the correct behaviour that you’re trying to achieve. Doing so is more effective than using discipline alone and will help you achieve the result you’re looking for.

Spoiled Pig Syndrome Doesn’t Have to be an Issue…

…in fact, it shouldn’t be an issue at all provided that you discipline your miniature pig beginning the instant you bring them home. Doing so is much simpler than allowing bad behaviour to occur and then having to correct it.

Remember: Consistent training and discipline is the best solution for your miniature pig and avoiding SPS. By following through, you can ensure you have nothing but good experiences with your new pet!